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Discover all the locations recommended by us for a memorable stay in the Eternal City.

What can be seen in Rome in a week-end?

This city offers quite a large amount of attractions. It’s not easy to see all of them in a short time, but if you are well organized you could experience a satisfying weekend. You may divide the eternal city in two parts: the ancient and the modern areas. You could visit the shopping areas on Saturday and leave the archeological sites’ visit for Sunday.


Fontana di Trevi

It’s impossible to visit Rome without the ritual throwing of the coin in the Trevi fountain, a worldwide known tradition which every year involves millions of visitors.


Why choosing a room in the centre of Rome?

It seems like the answer would be obvious but if we look into the question more carefully it may not be a simple solution. In Rome the centre may not be the real centre of Rome. When we choose a room for our holidays we should do it carefully.


Restaurant: Gallo Brillo

Rome is art, history, millennia-long culture and GOOD FOOD! After visiting all the beauties that a city like Rome can offer, allow yourself some relax seated at the table of one of the most typical restaurants in Prati, the "GALLO BRILLO".


Musei Vaticani

From where can I start visiting Rome? Easy! From one of the most big art collections in Rome, very near the “Residenza Edoardo I”. Impossible not to visit.


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